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Auto-login to any website or program. Store usernames/passwords and other account info securely on your own PC in a single file, strongly encrypted yet easily accessible using a master password. Features include launching of websites/programs, keyboard commands for auto-typing, custom login sequences, auto-lock timeout, Quick Unlock with partial master password, random password generation, secure synchronization between PCs, sharing between users, optional key file on USB drive, auto-start when Windows starts, import/export, view-all mode, free-text search, print capability, anti-keylogger technology, drag-and-drop support, attachments, standalone launch scripts, and a portable version that runs from a USB drive. The program is also localizable - you can easily translate it to any language. Android companion app available. S10 Password Vault is digitally signed, compact (527KB download), easy to use, and free for personal use. For business, S10 Password Vault increases employee productivity and closes security gaps. No databases, webservers, or hardware to buy or maintain. Low-cost business licenses.

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